Implementation: 4 weeks from the moment the information is received

Description: The work will be done with existing information on clay deposits surveyed in the past, or any other studies carried out in the region on the pursuit of other minerals and resources, where chemical and mineralogical information can be obtained, as well as information on the geology of the region. Such information should come from the client, but Ecosolutions can also access it on the public domain

  1. Chemical composition of the clay in oxides
  2. Mineralogical composition expressed in the main crystalline phases in the material, determined using X ray diffraction techniques, XRD.
  3.  Thermo-gravimetric studies of the material.
  4. Geological information available on the clay deposit, especially the lithology of the spot where samples were collected, and their geo-referenced location.

Number of candidates covered in this study:

Up to 5 candidates. NOTE: if the client wants to incorporate further candidates there is an extra cost associated. 

 Expected results:

Individual assessment of each clay candidate (clay deposit) and further criteria onits viability for the production of SCMs, based only on data from chemical and mineralogical composition and the geolical history. These results are very preliminary and must be ratified in further phases aided with experimental studies.