We are a company specialized in consultancy and implementation of projects for sustainable habitat.  We are a division of Grupo Sofonias, an internationally operating NGO based in Switzerland with more than 40 years of experience.  We count on an experienced team of experts in the fields of material science: geologists, chemists, engineers and economists. Ecosolutions has the purpose to act as interface between industry and academy for a swift introduction of new developments in the construction sector. We are focus on LC3 cement technology implementation as a green solution for climate change mitigation.

Since 1983 the international consultants of Grupo Sofonias have guided the introduction and monitoring of various construction technologies, habitat rehabilitation and disaster reconstruction in southern countries. Solutions are proposed to produce solid and durable emergency shelters on site within days or weeks of the catastrophe, shelters that actually are the core of a new house at affordable cost. Instead of spending funds on temporary shelters the proposal is to start immediately with the erection of solid core units, locally produced and easy to expand later. post-disaster reconstruction, in their own countries and abroad. With extensive knowledge and vision, they have allowed the development of a reliable monitoring system for this technology, which contributes to having a program on the latest technology in the world.

In 2017, as part of the Global Project for the implementation of LC3 cement, was set up a Technology Research Centers (TRC) in Cuba, to provide an answer to the growing need of a practical alternative for climate change and the increase of CO2 emission at the Latin American Region. LC3 Technology Resource Centre LATAM is a provider of sustainable solutions to medium and large-scale enterprises in construction sector based in all scientific knowledge derived of LC3 studies.