We combine accumulated knowledge and experience of more than 40 years in sharing
knowledge  to enhance and improve daily lives, cooperating with  universities, international organisations and industry, as well as  communities and local
organizations Ecosolutions is our commercial
response to the growing need for channels to serve less developed countries with hardware and technology transfer.

We are a solid core group counting on a large range of collaborators from universities, private firms, NGO’s and retired experts. We are ready to form interdisciplinary teams and
contribute to create forward looking solutions. Our range of expertise is ample….investigation of materials and construction systems,   production of “green” construction materials, post disaster
reconstruction, disaster resilient social housing,
slim project management.


» To act as enablers for scientific know how diffusion and high technology transfer for construction, sustainable housing and climate change mitigation under a social responsible business model for the sustainable development.


» To offer an answer to the growing need of practical solutions for poverty and climate change mitigation in every context, from the structure of a professional, multidisciplinary and committed team.


Social responsibility





» To provide services of consultancy in the areas of local production of construction material, sustainable housing, post-disaster reconstruction and implementation of new technologies for construction industry.

» To act as interface between the academia and the industry for a swift introduction of the new developments in the area of Low Carbon Cement (LC3).

» To offer advisory in the best selection of equipment for the construction industry in direct bond with technology providers.