Science and Innovation. LC3 Cement Project, team work experience


Connecting, by Alfredo MARTIRENA


Recently we are started a series of short communications where we introduce to you the collaborative work of the international team supporting the development and further dissemination of LC3-projectLow Carbon Cement. The main topics of these communication will be:

Science & Innovation:

How we complete the loop of innovation. More than 10 years of collaboration and team effort taking science from the lab to real life projects. This will be presented by Prof. Fernando Martirena, head of  LC3 Technology Resource Centre in Latin America and with the collaboration of LC3-Project Director, Prof. Karen Scrivener, from The École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

You can have access to the video clicking at this link:

What is LC3?

We will be presenting the key aspects to illustrate why LC3 is a is a very attractive and feasible option to satisfy development and environmental objectives.

You can also watch:

For full information about Financial Attractiveness o LCf3 click this link:

Why kaolinitic clays?

With the contribution of Dr. Adrian Alujas, from the Centro de Estudios de Química Aplicada (CEQA) de la Universidad Central de Las Villas (UCLV) we will be talking about kaolinitic clays and the three main arguments about it use as pozzolans in LC3 cement formulation.

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Industrial processing

Prof. Fernando Martirena will be discussing about LC3 industrial processing: Technologies for Calcination and Current alternatives to make cement production sustainable.

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Clay Preparation and Rotary Kilns as option for Calcination

We give the floor to industry and we invited Mr. Alberto Putin, CEO of IPIAC, to talk about the process for Clay Preparation and Calcination Technologies.

Clay Preparation- Watch at YouTube:

Calcination options – Watch at YouTube:

Real life case studies

This final communication will be about one of the most recent project of LC3 implementation completing, as we promise, the full cycle of innovation.

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