Ecosolutions team at the 3rd Mortar Convention

The 3rd Mortar-Convention, organized by team, will be a Live Event Online. Accessible from New Zealand to Tierra del Fuego, from Hokkaido to the Aleut Islands.  With already have over 25 contributions in the program such as scientific lectures, product presentations and company profiles.

As part of the convention the principal adviser of Ecosolutions team, DrSc. J. Fernando Martirena will be presenting the lecture “Sustainable Alternatives for Binders in Drymix Mortars” the newest advances about potentials applications of LC3 Cement on mortars. The main topics will be: (i) Ultra low clinker binders for mortars, (ii) Efflorescence free mortars, (iii) Salt crystalization resistant mortars. Once again the science keep ahead in times of Covid 19.

But due to the current situation, travel restrictions, home office etc. we all have to change the way we communicate: The 3rd Mortar-Convention offers you the possibility to take part in a community event contact-free and online, while still enjoying the full content that you are used to from to „real“, physical or SEADMA/MEDMA events. The admission is by all means reasonable. AND you do not have to travel!

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