The First International Conference “Sustainable production and use of Cement and Concrete” took place successfully since June 24th until June 28th at Santa María Keys, Villa Clara, Cuba. It was a full week of deep scientific exchange between international specialists in the construction materials sector and experts from the construction industry.

A pool of professionals from all around the world: Cuba, China, Guatemala, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Denmark, Ecuador, Switzerland, Iceland made this event an excellent place for the proposition of new investigations, research results systematization, beginning of collaborative work and new business strategies.

A total of 85 participants acted as representors for institutions such as: CIDEM, UCLV, , Kassel University, Universidad de Brasilia, UCM Santa María Keys, Cementos Progreso, Tsinghua University, Chalmers University of Technology, CNIC, CCCC, , Brussel University, KU Leuven, GECEM, Danish Technological Institute, ENIA-Cienfuegos, Carbon Cure, Norway Technical University, HSUA, LEMIT-CONICET, CUJAE.