About us

We are a company specialized in consultancy and implementation of projects for sustainable habitat. We are a division of grupo sofonias, an internationally operating NGO based in Switzerland with more than 40 years of experience. We count on an experienced team of experts in the fields of material science: geologists, chemists, engineers and economists. Ecosolutions has the purpose to act as interface between industry and academy for a swift introduction of nuew developments in the construction sector.  We are focus on LC3 cement technology implementation as a green solution for climate change mitigation.

what is lc3 CEMENT

LC3 or Limestone Calcined Clay Cement is a family of composite cements containing Portland clinker, calcined clay and limestone. The LC3 technology promises a sustainable growth of economies around the world by reducing up to 40% CO2 emission compared to Ordinary Portland cement at lower investment and production costs.  LC3 uses raw materials and technologies that are already used by the cement industries.  The production process is similar to the way of producing normal cements.  Thus, they provide a practically viable solution to improve sustainability in the cement industry.